Monday, December 2, 2013

Six Flags Magian Mountain- X2 Still Down

X2 is Still Down...

 It appears X2 is still having issues. Screamscape reports the ride is still down from earlier in the season. It was believed the ride would open for Thanksgiving and the following Holiday rush at the park. However, as of right now the ride is still down and did not open at all over the weekend.

 According to the Six Flags Magic Mountain website, pictured above, X2 is still down "temporarily" for maintenance. The ride went down (to my knowledge) in the beginning of September of this year, it has not reopened since.

 Rumors from various forums online report it's a rather large problem, requiring manufacturer help. Many seem to believe this is all linked to the lift chain replacement. Others are now suspecting the ride may not open again until January at the earliest.  Again, these are rumors from around the internet and have no been confirmed by the park.

 More News or Rumors as they come to light- Stay Tuned!

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