Friday, January 17, 2014

New Theme Park- Diggerland USA

 Well, it seems a new theme park is coming to West Berlin, New Jersey in Summer 2014.

 But this isn't your normal theme park, apparently "Diggerland USA" is a smaller theme park which is being attached to Sahara Sam's Waterpark. Sitting just 14 acres the park will be themed around "Large Construction Equipment" which guests can ride on and play with in some capacity.

 It's every little boys (and some little girls) dream.. and a good portion of adults, being allowed to play with the giant construction equipment seen on construction sites around the world.

 Rides seem to be a mix of kiddie land styled attractions and "play with construction equipment". However, one crazy attraction called "Spin Dizzy" seems to strap you onto a bench, attached to a three ton excavator and spin you stupid.

 Prices haven't been announced yet nor have hours or an opening day.

 For more information and to view a full list of attractions, Please Visit- Diggerland USA

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