Friday, January 17, 2014

Dishonor Upon Six Flags.. and their Lawyers!

 Shame upon you, Six Flags America.

 Six Flags America has started a movement to stop for paying a living wage to season and full time park employees. The park has made the movement in Prince George County, Maryland so that they won't have to pay their workers the expected minimum wage increases. By 2017 the wage would be around $11.50 but the park is fighting to hold onto the current $7.25 wage (which you can't survive on in Maryland or most other states).

 Six Flags America has stated, rather rudely, that "season workers don't warrent the same pay as normal employees".

 Yes, They said that.

 In a nutshell, the park is being cheap and refusing to pay season youth and other folks a rightful wage to survive on. Not only is this cheap but it will hurt Six Flags in the long run, why work for a park when you can get greatly improved pay for flipping burgers or bagging groceries? No teen or young adult in their right mind will go to work for the parks, which will create a standard problem at Six Flags- Closed Rides due to Lack of Workers.

 Plus, these people are operating multi-million dollar rides and investments- you might what to think about paying them decently. Good Pay = Happy Employees = Happy Employees = More Work Done. They'll also be very likely to come back season after season, even while in college which creates a base of people who are already trained.

 Dishonor upon you, Six Flag America... and your Lawyers!

 Read the Full Article on The Washington Times

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