Thursday, February 6, 2014

Adlabs Imagica Coaster Accident Injures Two

Yesterday, February 5th, the Bandits of Robin Hood coaster at the Adlabs Imagica theme park near Mumbai, India had a catastrophic failure.

Two people are known to be injured from the incident, 32 year old Purnima Rathi and her 14 year old daughter. Purnima suffered an undisclosed head injury and her daughter some kind of injury to her jaw (details are a bit lacking). 

The coaster, less than a year old and built by Italy's I.E. Park, is what most of us in the US would call a "kiddie coaster". How exactly the back two cars of the train were able to derail is not a mystery to the media, coaster enthusiasts and riders themselves, but the park is at a loss as well. 

The ride is closed until further notice as they look into the cause of the accident and try to piece together what happened and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Chief Operating Officer Adlabs Imagica, Vincent Pijnenburg, had this to say about the incident:
“We have always complied with the maintenance and operational procedures recommended by the manufacturers of every ride. The safety of our guests and employees is our company’s utmost priority. We regret this incident but are extremely grateful that everyone is safe.”
Adding to a bit of the confusion of just what happened was this statement released shortly after by Ashutosh Kale, Assistant Vice President Adlabs Imagica Safety and Security,
"In accordance with our daily safety procedures every ride is checked for safety and technical issues before being run for our guests through a night long maintenance schedule. 3 test runs were carried on the ride before opening it for the guests. We have never faced a situation like this before and we are coordinating with the ride manufacturer to ensure that no future untoward incident occurs.”
Hopefully Purnima and her daughter were not injured too badly and the cause of the accident is discovered and snuffed out before anything else like this happens. We here at InSanity lurks Inside hate to hear about accidents at theme parks and hope all will be well with park and especially the family involved.

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