Monday, February 24, 2014

King's Island: The Bat - Repainting


Hello all!!!

King's Island is super busy with construction on Banshee and redoing The Bat all in time for opening day this year.  We have found some updated pictures for everyone to enjoy.

For everyone who may have forgotten: The Bat is being recreated out of Flight Deck and so far it looks really neat.  

Photo: The process of painting the cars for the trains on The Bat roller coaster is underway starting with a coat of primer. Black will be the featured color of the trains. The Bat will be in flight when Kings Island opens for the 2014 season April 18.

Here is a photo of Flight Deck cars being repainted.  I'm going to guess that they're going with the orange and gray color scheme like the track photos, but I haven't seen any finished pictures yet.


Here are two photos of the track being repainted.  I am really happy to see that King's Island is revitalizing Flight Deck rather then knock it down to build something else. I can't wait to see this finalized in April and hope to see more pictures soon.

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*Pictures were found on KI's Facebook page.

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