Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kennywood Park- Images of New Phanton's Revenge Cars

Kennywood Park- New Images of Phantom's Revenge Cars.

 Today on the Facebook Page, Kennywood Connection, images surfaced of what the new cars for Phantoms Revenge will look like.

 The new trains will be solid green and purple rather than a combination of the two colors.The new trains have more a "vintage" look, many are equated them to the original 'Steel Phantoms" trains. Honestly this look far more angular and retro than the original trains. 

Image from RCDB, Ric Turner,1991
This image from RCDB show the original trains from Phantom, there is a rather obvious difference in the styling. I also think the new shade of green appears far closer to teal than "green".. but that's just me.

 The one downside I can see, it doesn't appear that Phantom's Revenge will be getting new restraints. 

 Either way it's nice to see Kennywood finally getting some upgrades!

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