Thursday, March 6, 2014

King's Island: The Bat - The Car


King's Island: The Bat

Hello All!!!

I'm so sorry that I'm a little behind in this update but life happens especially with ISI leaving our home turf tomorrow and heading out to SoCal for the week!!

So I have found a photo of what the cars will look when the park opens for business in April.






Photo: Painting of the first set of cars for The Bat roller coaster is down to the finishing touches.

I like the orange myself.  I bet it'll reflect nicely with the sunlight and everything is going to look gorgeous!!!

And just for fun and games (and I can't remember if I posted it before, haha) here is the original commercial for The Bat from 1981.  This is a just a bit of fun plus it's interesting to note that the original ride opened on April 26 and the new ride will open on April 18.  They are SO close to the same opening date. 

Now I don't want everyone to worry that any new information will be forgotten while the crew is in CA.  We will be keeping up with all of our in progress stories.

So as always: any comments made are to be polite and without malice.  If you're nice to us then we'll be nice to you.
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*Picture was found on KI's Facebook page and the video was on YouTube

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