Monday, March 31, 2014

Miami Seaquarium Sold

Parques Reunidos Buys Miami Seaquarium.

 Palace Entertainment, The US branch of Parques Reunidoes, has signed a deal within the last month to purchase the notorious "Miami Seaquairum" from Wometco Entertainment. The 38 acre park sits on leased land from the city of Miami and has been a staple of the area since 1955 and the lease of the land runs until 2031. 

 The downside is Miami Seaquarium has one of the darkest and most abusive reputations in the Marine Park and Marine Mammal fields. While Parques doesn't have the best reputation among US parks, perhaps they'll actually put money into Miami Seaquairum rather then funneling it out to support their European parks.  Palace Entertainment has stated in the next year they will do studies of the park to find out where improvements need to be made, it's going to become a game of "Wait and See" for Miami Seaquarium. 

Note: No, I don't like Miami Seaquarium because I do know their history and it's NOT pleasant. Do some research and decide for yourself.

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