Monday, March 31, 2014

Parking Prices Raise at Disney World

Image from ThemeParkInsider
Disney World Raises Parking Prices Overnight. 

 In another stealthy and sneaky move, Disney World has raised their parking prices across all theme parks overnight.

 Prices at Disney World are now $17 per car, a raise of $2 per car. The price hike is across the board, including over-sized vehicles and motorcycles.  This is far sooner then any expected, the last price raise for parking at Disney World was in June 2013. Yet another move in Disney hiking their prices overnight and hoping none will notice. This comes after the sneaky move which raised Magic Kingdom gate prices overnight over a month ago.

 The only thing that can be said for this is unlike some other parks around the country, Disney does both maintain and patrol their parking lots. Other amusement parks out there charge far higher prices without the benefit of maintenance or security.

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