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Dinner Show Review- Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park

Dinner Show Review- Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, Califonria.

 Another in our series of Dinner Show Reviews. It has been a long while since any of the team indulged in the simple fun of Dinner Shows, so on our recent trip to California we decided it was time once again to check them out.

Pirates Dinner Adventure only has one other location, in Orlando, Florida, where we had seen the show in the past. The Buena Park location is the original and so much is different from the Orlando location, plus it seems to show has received some new upgrades (again, compared to the previous version we saw in Orlando).

Location: Buena Park, California
When: March 13th, 2014
Price: $59.95 for Adults and $36.95 for Children
Special Coupon Deal: See Below!
Overall Rating: Very Good
Food Rating: Good
Entertainment Rating: Very Good
Recommendation:  Worth a Visit (mostly aimed at families and kids)
Website: Pirates Dinner Adventure

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Much like it sounds, "Pirates Dinner Adventure" is a dinner show themed after pirates off on a daring adventure for treasure and power.  Set up like most other dinner shows you've got your "colored" pirates, which denotes both your seating section and which one your going to cheer for.

 Along with pirates you'll find a salty Captain, his wife and the typical "princess" involved. While the show might be a bit predictable to adults- children are the focus here.  This show really does everything in their power to involve kids and give them an adventure to talk about. 

The stadium is something to behold, surrounded by water to really give the viewer the feel of a pirate ship at sea- you'll find a all the space is really used. From the "Rigging" in sections to the various tumbling and acrobatic tricks- it's brings people (and kids) into the show even more.

Even though aimed at children and families, the show is rather predictable.  Pirates are after a dragon and it's treasure, there is a competition for which gets to be the new "first mate" and a content begins.  The pirates then preform a massive varsity of stunts, including some heavy audience participation. The only downside to this is that it tends to happen smack in the middle of your dinner- slowing down your eating. 

The "Pirates" name their new "First Mate" while the Captain's son (apparently it's still always the 'Blue' Pirate) falls in love with the princess, then we've got the new addition of a gypsy who's apparently taken captive for the sole point of "summoning the dragon", which the pirates are seeking on this adventure.  In the nature of not giving away all the goodies of the show away- let's just say you can figure out the ending from here.

However, what you might not expect is the interaction. These actors really go out of their way to keep the audience and kids engaged. They'll react to cat-calls and children are invited to help in several points, going so far as to get temporary 'costumes' to help them get into their parts. This little girl wanted to be a pirate, the captain this night went so far as to name her his new "captain" (giving him a share of her plunder) and set her out to pillage the audience!  That's that kind of magic formula that make's this show engaging and so much fun.

While the food isn't amazing, it has improved from our previous visit to the Orlando show. You're given a choice on your food- Soup or Salad as an appetizer, 1/2 a chicken or beef kabobs with rice and potatoes and a brownie with ice cream as dessert.

The portions are large and more than enough, although we do wish the kabobs had a bit more beef and a little less veggies- everything was good tasting.  You also can upgrade your meal for $15.95 which gives you a different menu along with better seating. Although we just opted for the normal choices here, I can image the upgrade is probably superior still to the good meal we had.  Along with your choice of soda, water and coffee, Pirates Dinner Adventure has a full service bar with some delicious creations. If your a little indecisive, ask your bar wench to be "creative", you're likely to get something delicious! The prices are pretty typical but the bar wenches take care of you- with plenty of kick to your fruity concoction!

Perhaps more family and kid oriented than others out there, but there is still plenty of engaging moments to keep adults both amused and interacting with the character! The improved show is a nice change and the acrobatics can't be complained about, giving you a little taste of everything from gymnastics to cirque style ribbon dancing.

Overall, we enjoyed it. There are no complaints to be found with the show nor the food and while it may seem expensive, you have to remember your paying for a live show and a meal. Sure, dinner and a movie might be cheaper, but where else can you cat-call to a pirate to toss the princess in the water (seriously, no princess equals less complications)!  Overall it's a a nice change from the typical dinner and the entertainment is a higher grade- take the advise and give them a night of your vacation if your looking for something both different and fun!

Special Coupon Deal:  Pirates Dinner Adventure was nice enough to extend to us one of their current special offers for readers- Just follow the link and you can get your tickets discounted for groups or two or more!

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