Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Update on Conneaut Lake Park

Update on the Status of Conneaut Lake Park.

 Conneaut Lake Park's fate has been under the axe the last few years due to poor management by the parks board of trustees. It was announced that the park's land and attractions will be sold by sheriff's sale in September of 2014 to cover a massive debt of unpaid taxes.

 The only shining light here is that I have finally confirmed, via email with the park, that they will open for the 2014 season.  The dates haven't been announced yet but it's likely to be middle or late May.

 This will be your final and last chance to visit the park. You last possible chance to ride "Blue Streak" which is a classic wooden coaster, currently 76 years old. It will also be the last chance to visit the new "haunted house" the park just opened last season called "Hostile Hostel".

 So start making you plans now if you wish to get in on the parks final season. Let's try to give this old friend a fond, if heart-breaking, farewell.

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