Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kennywood Park- Upgrading Rides

Kennywood Park is Upgrading two of their Coasters.

 Finally, some good news from Kennywood that doesn't involve a chain brand restaurant or notes on how far Parques Reunidos has let things slide.

 In 2014 Kennywood will be giving upgrades to two of their roller coasters. "Phantoms Revenge" will finally be receiving new fiberglass cars, giving the coaster trains an updated look. Hopefully they'll also be replacing the woeful and mostly painful lap-bars on the ride also.

 "Thunderbolt" is also getting an upgrade that isn't really an upgrade, really it's a return to the classic look of the coaster. The trains on Thunderbolt will once again have their headlights! The headlights on the iconic roller coasters cars will be working once again for the 2014 season, replaced with high powered LED's.

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