Monday, April 21, 2014

Action Park Lives Again..

 Yes Folks,
I'm not kidding when I say that "Action Park" is returning for 2014.

 Often called "Traction Park" or "Fracture Park" by any who spent time at the long gone water park will tell you, it earned it's name a few dozen times over again each season.

 Currently owned by Mountain Creek Resort, who've been operating parts of the park quietly for years has decided to go back to the original name and re-open with a dose on insanity that makes even me cringe slightly.  The famous slide, seen above, which won "Class-Action Park" high internet fame is being brought back from the dead with a modern re-creation.

Image from WhiteWater
 As if having the name "Action Park" revived wasn't enough an omen, They've also decided to put in an 'Aqua Looper' style slide for 2014.

 Details are currently unknown but the president of Mountain Creek has bragged that the "Zero-G" slide will be the worlds only one. Making us believe this could be a fully vertical loop in a waterslide.  He's also stated that they have "kept the thrills but lost the spills" in regards to the parks deadly history.

 They also state that many original attractions will return to the park but don't name them. June 14th will be the opening day when answers will be revealed.

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