Monday, April 21, 2014

The Bat Flies Again at Kings Island

 The Bat Flies Again at Kings Island.

 Okay so perhaps it's not the insanity of the original "Bat" which barely flew for two years. However, using the lore of that ride they've managed to breath some new life into an old park favorite.

 When Kings Island decided to re-theme the old suspended coaster "Flight Deck" we were all happy, this classic style coaster needed some love to boost it back into popularity with riders. Now it fits in well with it's brand new neighbor "Banshee" which just opened to the public on Friday. 

 Perhaps it isn't a new ride but it's classic and people often forget that classics need love also. With a new coat of paint and a spooky new theme, Bat will hopefully fly into your hearts again.

 It may not be as thrilling as it's new neighbor but there is something special about this ride none-the-less. Give it a go, give it ten goes. Trust me, this hidden gem is worth your time. Much like it's name-sake it's a hidden gem, seek it out and your in for a treat.

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