Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cedar Fair Parks- Seat Belts Added to Rides.

Seat Belts on Diamondback from CoasterForce
 Cedar Fair is Adding Seat Belts to Rides.

 This is surprising, rides which have operated for years without 'seat belts' are now getting them. Rides which where never built or designed to have them, now have them. Likely cutting down on loading time and the riders 'air time' feelings.

 No one is entirely sure why Cedar Fair is going around it's parks and adding unneeded seat belts, but it's happening and fans aren't very pleased about it. Rides which have operated perfectly fine under manufacturer specification are now subject to added seat belts which where never required or needed in the past. The list of coaster effected is fairly wide and spread out all over the various parks which Cedar Fair owns.

Kings Island- Diamondback
Carowinds- Intimidator
Canada's Wonderland- Behemoth (Unconfirmed)

 Each of these coasters are considered 'sisters' meaning they have many of the same elements and much of the same set-up. Diamondback and Behemoth both have coaster trains with the 'stadium seating' (I can't speak for Carowinds as I haven't gotten there yet).  There is no word yet what other coasters may have been infected with Cedar Fairs newest madness but it's a likely bet that Canada's Wonderland's 'Leviathan' may also have been effected in this not-bright move.

 It seems silly. As I've learned about B&M coasters I've also learned it takes power to unlock their ride restraints. Without that power, they simply can't unlock as it isn't possible. If they can't get power to the ride (in event of a ride stop or power outage) they pretty much have to take the seat apart around you to remove you from the ride. Unlike others, there isn't a button or lever you can activate to simply unlock the seat, it has to have power plus those other items. You can't "fly out" of these things even if you wanted too. They cannot 'unlock' on their own. Once your in that seat- your in it. 

 That's why, to me, this seems a highly silly move.
 Plus if your dumb enough to TRY and get out of you seat while on a roller coaster..You deserve exactly what's coming to you.

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