Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Canada's Wonderland- Wonder Mountains Guardian Update and Delay

Image from CWMaina FB Page
Canada's Wonderland- Update and Delay on Wonder Mountain's Guardian.

 Work keeps moving along at Canada's Wonderland on their newest project- Wonder Mountains Guardian. Although, this update comes with some bad news also. 

 Work on the ride is moving along and from the images found on CWMania's Facebook Page, it looks like their getting ready for full circuit testing of the new attraction.  The new trains for this ride look very similar to other attractions of this nature, primarily those from Disney Hollywood Studios' "Toy Story Maina" but we can't be sure if they rotate in the same style.  The 'guns' in question also appear to be affixed on a flexible arm, which is different from other rides of this nature which normally allow you to lift your gun out and extend your arms while it's attached by a cord.  This seems like the better idea as the 'corded guns' tend to have problems once thousands of people begin yanking on them. 

 Now, the bad news.
 It seems the Media Day Preview for Wonder Mountain's Guardian has been delayed. The ride simply isn't ready yet and the park wants things to be working perfect and looking perfect before opening. It appears from images that much of the work in question is 'superficial' work to Wonder Mountain. Smoothing out edges and re-covering construction holes. 

 Wonder Mountain's Guardian has never had an 'official' opening date, maybe believed it would open with the park on May 4th. However, it seems that the ride will open later on in the season once the beautification and testing processes are complete.

 Never Fear!
 We'll keep you posted when more news is available!


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