Monday, April 28, 2014

Disney World- Hollywood Studios 25th Anniversary Celebration

 Disney Hollywood Studios 25th Anniversary Celebration.

 Did you know this is an Anniversary year at Disney World? Don't feel bad, most people don't. Hollywood Studios (Formerly Disney-MGM Studios) theme park is celebrating 25 years open in the 2014 season.

 However, you won't find much news coverage about the event. The park has never been what Disney World has hoped it would develop into, while it has some great events during the year, the lack of planning and Disney money in the park has kept it rather underdeveloped compared to others.

 Over it's 25 year life, not much has been added in the way of 'big attractions' to the park. Pretty much 2 'big ticket' rides and a lot of cuts has kept the park quietly in the background.  While it's always been one of my personal favorites, it makes me rather sad to see Disney NOT making a bigger deal of it's 25th Anniversary. There will be some limited 25th Anniversary merchandise available for purchase.

 This park needs love and attention, just as much as Epcot does. It needs a vital influx of money and ideas to make it sparkle, which it could do easily if someone at WDW just cared enough to stop building resorts and dumping all the cash into Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. 

On May 1st, 2014 Disney Hollywood Studios will celebrate it's 25th Anniversary with the following events-

10am- Re-Dedication Ceremony with Dan Cockerell and some of the 25 year employees.

7pm- "Stars of the Studios" Motercade, which will travel up Hollywood Boulevard featuring some big stars found in the park (Captain Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader. Wreck-it Ralph, Sophia the First plus Mickey and Minnie Mouse. No nod to past stars or other characters found in the park).

After the Motorcade-  A Dance Party will be held at the stage in front of the tacky 'Sorcerers hat' .

9:30pm- Fireworks Show to be set off around the same tacky 'Sorcerers' hat.

All Events are available to anyone with normal park admission.
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