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*Rumor Alert* Busch Gardens Williamsburg- 2015 Expansion A Coaster?

Image from BGWFans
 Busch Gardens Williamsburg- The 2015 'Festa' Expansion A Coaster?

 The great folks at BGWFans thinks they've found the answer that's been lingering in all our minds.

 We've all known an expansion is coming to the 'Festa Italia' area of the park in 2015 and we know it was suppose to be decently sized, based alone on the permit submissions.  However, what I don't think anyone expected what BGWFans has possibly figured out.

Image from BGWFans
 Based on Size and Footprint someone put two-and-two together can game up with Primer Rides.  One of their smaller, single train coasters which would match the height and generalized footprint which we believe Busch Gardens is currently working with.  Their fairly small, have a low rider capacity and are what fans call "Off the Shelf" coasters. Their not original and have a stock footprint any park can buy. The example to the left is "Superman" from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Which has a low rider capacity and low through-put time. All these will create long times and general headache type situations.

 Please keep in mind, all of this is speculation. Nothing has been confirmed.

 Now, here is when I begin to speculate on my own. While many are having fits over this, I think there are a few things their not considering. A several different types of coasters can and will fit into this small space, things much better than a stock ride. Several of these aren't my favorite type of ride.

Image from RCDB
 For Example-
 In that small small footprint you can fit in an Intamin AG 4th Dimension 'Ball Roller' style of roller coaster. One good example of these is to the right- Green Lantern- First Flight.

 These are small, compact and rather damn fun. They also have the benefit of being fairly unique styles of rides with a much higher rider/capacity rate overall.  Sure they get lines and can't chew through the lines the way a giant 'steel monster' can, but their better that the original proposal of a Primer stock Coaster.

 This could easily fit into the general parameters which people smarter then I can read on the permit sheets filed by Busch Gardens. 

 This is just one example.
 Other rides like this exist, which fit in small areas. Busch Gardens also has ZERO history with Primer Rides and these parks are creatures of habit. I've gone through   We should be looking outside to someone which Seaworld Parks has worked with in the past- B&M, Zierer, Intamin AG and Mack Rides. I'd look to them first. If I've learned anything about these parks, they go with what they know.

 I'd bet my money on Intamin AG to build the new attraction. I'd like to see it be a 4th Dimension coaster but I'm not even going to speculate on the type! Just know that Seaworld Company Parks have a relationship established with this company already in the form of 'Cheetah Hunt' found down at Busch Gardens Tampa.

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