Monday, April 7, 2014

New Orleans turns down Jazzland Proposals

New Orleans turns down multiple proposals for Six Flags New Orleans Redevelopment.

 Some bad news for park fans and the people of New Orleans.

 The committee in charge of finding a new use for the abandoned "Six Flags New Orleans" has turned down all proposals for the redevelopment of the amusement park. Both plans had wanted to re-open the park as an amusement park again called "Jazzland" which we reported on back in March of this year. Each of these groups has been shot down before from various members of the committee, who appear to have no interest in having a tourist attraction re-built in their city.

 They stated that neither interested party had "cash in hand" to prove they where serious about the project and didn't have enough "financial backer collateral" to even be considered.  Both groups have stated it's hard to get more financial backers without a general agreement with the city, who is unwilling to entertain these thoughts.

 The area of the old "Six Flags New Orleans" has been largely untouched since Hurricane Katrina and is now just a rotting shell of it's former being. The status of the property still lies dormant and likely well for years to come.

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