Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Universal Studios Hollywood- Fast and Furious Ride for 2015

Universal Studios Hollywood Announces New "Fast and the Furious- Supercharged" attraction for 2015.

 Just today Universal Hollywood broke the news of their newest attraction- One themed off the hit franchise "Fast and the Furious".

 Information about the new ride is still under wraps but Universal stated it will be a thrill ride/movie hybrid attraction which will be placed in the studios 'back lot' area. The attraction will use some of the famous 'back lot' trams which will be encompassed by massive 400 foot long movie screens. Folks from Universal Creative has said they will make guests feel like their exceeding more then 100 MPH with some theme park magic.

 Also announced recently Universal Studios Hollywood will be extending their normal "Back Lot Tour" into evening hours, the tours currently end at sunset.

 This goes along with the new additions of "Despicable Me" and "Super Silly Fun Land" as well as a massive planned addition to the Simpsons area of the park. Universal has stated their finally catching up from years of semi-neglect from owners more interested in pulling cash out of the parks rather then re-investing in them. Comcast, the most recent owner, has other ideas which are really bringing life and new things back to their parks. 

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