Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Disney's "It's A Small World" 50th Anniversary

Image from Orlando Sentinel
Disney's "It's A Small World" turns 50.

 Some love it, some hate it and many just can't get the song out of their heads for days after riding this iconic attraction.

  Disney's "It's A Small World" attractions are celebrating the 50th anniversary since their inception at the 1964 Worlds Fair to promote UNICEF.  The classic song (which inspires love and hate in people) was written by the famous Sherman Brothers and within two weeks of it's debut, a world hit happened.

Image from Orlando Sentinel
 From the World's Fair the attraction was enlarged, upgraded and built at Disneyland in 1966, Another version was built at Disney World's "Magic Kingdom" park which opened in 1971. Versions of the ride are also found at Disneyland Paris. Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. Each park has it's own with slight differences but it's easy to say this this attraction is a must-have Disney Park staple.

 To help celebrate the attractions anniversary, Disney has created a website dedicated to the ride where users can upload their own version of "It's a Small World Afterall". Guests can also create their own unique "Small World Figure" and soon you can purchase anniversary items which still support UNICEF projects.

 On April 10th, 2014 Guests and Cast Members of the Disney Parks can unite as one and sing along with the song to celebrate the anniversary event.


Love it or Hate it, Small World has impacted both Adults and Children. It's simply a legend and without it, the Disney Parks would be a slightly duller place.

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