Thursday, April 10, 2014

Seaworld Parks- Stand for Truth

Seaworld Parks- Stand for Truth.

 For months, Seaworld Parks have been trying to teach the world at large that what they saw in "Blackfish" was nearly all false. Yet people are still wearing blinders and refusing to do their own investigation into the claims the film made.

 Many people stand with Seaworld, including this blog and it's staff. We know the truth, we've done research and some of us have even worked for Seaworld before- we support them.

 Now is your change to "Stand with Seaworld" for Truth.  You can join "The Seaworld Truth Team" online to help support the good works and care the company gives and help dispel the hate, bias and ignorance as well as receive email notices and information about the parks.

Yes, everyone has an opinion on this matter. This post is NOT the place to spout off about it. Anything that can be taken as an attack, hateful, rude, asinine, juvenile or vulgar will be deleted from the comments with extreme predigested by the staff..and we will enjoy it.

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