Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Canada'a Wonderland- General Park Update

Canada's Wonderland- A General Park Update.

 Well we all know that Wonder Mountain's Guardian is under construction but what else is going on around the park?

 According to Screamscape, quite a bit of actively is going on around the park.

 -The Wild Boar's "pink" train is getting repainted back to it's original "blue" color.

 -Thunder Run is also being painted back to a shade of "blue".

-Swing of the Century is getting a big upgrade with 2,800 LED lights, a big job!

-All of the coaster trains for Backlot Stunt Coaster are being repainted, they will remain the original colors but will remain their original colors of white, red and blue.

Overall, this is quite a bit of activity on top new ride construction, regular maintenance and getting the park ready for their opening day! It's always great to see parks doing basic care and Canada's Wonderland is one park that is excellent at this. It shows when you walk in the gate!

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