Monday, May 5, 2014

Busch Gardens Tampa- Falcon's Fury Still Having Issues

 Busch Gardens Tampa- Falcon's Fury Still Having Technical Issues.

 The opening of the newest attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa, Falcon's Fury, is still delayed and currently doesn't have a projected "opening date".

 The problems, with any such a complex and original ride generally tend to be many. They also do take some time to sort out and correct. Things that work great on paper don't always prove to be excellent in testing, so parks make adjustments all the time. This isn't unusual, it's much more common than you think!

 Falcon's Fury is the first of it's kind when it comes to drop towers, with those rotating seats it was bound to encounter some issues in testing. Again, not really unusual for any new ride.

 It seems the park is having issues with the hydraulics of the attraction. These are the parks which control the seat movement and rotation, which it's the rides key element and the park which makes it unique among drop towers. They seem to be coming loose and shearing off, likely do to the forces and speed which they have to work under. This is the item which is likely causing the ride delay as the park works to correct the issue and replace the broken items.

 Again, not entirely unusual. However, we found some great video which shows the problem that Falcon's Fury is currently having from Journey though Coasters. You can clearly see the hydraulic actuators which control the seat rotation coming loose from the ride.  Don't worry though, Busch Gardens has an excellent safety record and great mechanics, they'll get the problem solved soon!

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