Monday, May 5, 2014

Ringling Brothers- 9 Injured in Trapeze Collapse

Ringling Brothers Circus- 9 Injured when Trapeze Collapse in Rhode Island.

 While Circus' aren't something we tend to report on often here, this horrible accident was brought to our attention.

 9 arial performers where injured on May 4th when an the feature they where working on collapsed suddenly in the middle of the 11am in Providence, Rhode Island. They circus states the accident happened during the "Hair Hanging" portion of the show.

 Ringling Brothers has released a statement saying that while they all suffered injuries, nothing was life-threatening and all are being treated at a local hospital.

 The circus is also working with investigators to find out what the caused this accident, early reports state the issue happened and are likely linked to be the metal supports which keep the apparatus in the air. Right now, no further news is available.

 Shows for May 4th and May 5th of "Legends" have been cancelled.

 The Video Below shows the accident.
 **Warning: It's hard to watch**

We'd like to wish all of these performers a quick, safe and speedy recovery.

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