Friday, May 16, 2014

Castle Blood- Kickstarter for New Location!

Castle Blood begins Kickstarter Campaign for New Location!

 Folks, it's rare that I come to you as nothing but a humble haunted house fan. It's even more rare you will ever hear me personally ask you all for help and support.

 That's exactly what I'm doing.

 Castle Blood is one of the most amazing and unique haunted houses I've ever had the joy to visit. Both theatrical and comedic, kooky and fun this haunted attraction has all of it. If you haven't' read the review, you should. (It's right here Haunt Review: Castle Blood). Well Castle Blood has been forced to once again move locations, while the new place will  be amazing it needs some work. Which means the Castle needs our support, in the form of a Kickstarter campaign to updates to electrical and plumbing.

The NEW Castle Blood Location

 Castle Blood isn't just unique, the amount of experience this collective group of people have is simply mind boggling. They've consulted and help build dozens of other haunted attractions across the United States.

 The castle is moving into a more fitting home, a former funeral parlor in Monsessen, Pennsylvania. As I said, this has a lot more room and plenty of potential, it needs some love. Master Gravely needs help to update things like plumbing and electrical, fix some loose flooring and other goodies which makes the castle a safe place for all us silly mortals to visit.

 Over the last several months I've gotten to known many of the Denizens of the Castle, which only makes me respect them and their attraction more. They may be local to me but I've never come across a crazier or more devoted group of people. So dig into your pocket or couch and find a little bit to donate!

 They have several donation levels with all kinds of perks. Ranging from Stickers, T-Shirts, Castle Tickets and Monster Makeovers. If you've got some heavy money to drop, the castle is even willing to come in an re-design (monsterize) your personal man-cave!

You can also check the Castle Blood Facebook Page for information and updates! 

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