Monday, May 19, 2014

Holiday World- New 2015 Attraction..A Coaster?

Holiday World- New Attraction in 2015 is a Coaster?

 Holiday World is expanding, only their keeping their newest addition completely secret.

 Launching today on the HoliBlog, the park has stated "Loose Lips Sink Ships" and talked about secrets. They have a secret alright and the guessing game has begun today with the park launching a new micro-website to reveal clues.

 Holiday World Microsite

 May of us already suspect this is a roller coaster coming to the "Thanksgiving" area of the park. Why? Because of the little hint dropped by Leach Koch on the website: "And as 2015 rolls closer? Oh no, have I said to much?".

 The microsite seems to be giving away daily hints and it set to last exactly 66 days until some form of reveal. The same 66 days it took the pilgrims to land in what would become the United States, very fitting for a new attraction going into the "thanksgiving" area of the park.

 More news and rumors about this 2015 attraction when we find out!

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