Thursday, May 15, 2014

Six Flags Great Adventure- Zumanjaro Delays Kingda Ka Opening

Zumanjaro Delays Kingda Ka Opening at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Image from Great Adventure Online
 In not overly surprising news, it seems that the construction on Zumanjaro, the newest drop ride which it attached to Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure, has also delayed the opening of the roller coaster this season.

 Originally these signs said the coaster wouldn't open until Memorial Day Weekend. The signs have changed, now stating the coaster won't open until "late spring". Which is a problem with a coaster that is already plagued with delays and closures to begin with (mostly to due wind).

 "Late Spring" will likely delay the opening of the ride another month, giving the park more time to complete the project which up until last month was deemed to be 'on time' construction wise.

 More info when we hear it!

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