Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Look - Inside Gringotts and Some of What You'll See on the Hogwarts Express!

Tonight Universal Orlando hosted a live stream of the Red Carpet event that officially kicked off the Diagon Alley Preview Week. During the show they talked with several stars of the show about what they thought of it.

However, the bigger thing is that they gave us all a sneak peek into just what to expect from some of the attractions within Diagon Alley. Most notably that of Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts and the Hogwarts Express!

So, while we will be getting video of the event up onto our YouTube channel shortly, here's a few stills from tonights live webcast showing off a few things that we haven't seen before.

First up, is the Hogwart's Express. Now we know that each trip will have something a bit different and in the past we've seen a few things that will be going out "outside" the windows as you head to Hogsmeade. We didn't see much of what to expect on the trip from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley though, that is something we can fix! 

Now to take a look inside the carriages that guests will board on their trip. Definitely looking good and also, we get a glimpse of what the windows that riders will be looking out of look like too!

And now, one of the best kept secrets, Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts. As usual, no ride footage, but in the video that they showed tonight we do get a good glimpse of the lobby (that will serve as the queue) and the detail on the animatronics of the Goblins keeping watch over the wizarding world's cash.

Last but not least, Diagon Alley packed with extras as the stars from the movie make their way into the area!

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