Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Flooding at Valleyfair Causes Ride Closures

Water levels as of Monday night via Fresh Sights Digital Media
Despite high water and parts of the park being literally underwater today, Valley Fair is remaining open this week as only a small part of the park has been effected.

As you can see in the picture to the right, there's plenty of water in a few sections of the park and the parking lot has a good bit as well. All of this combined has forced the closure of not only parts of the lot, but also Renegade, Thunder Canyon and Excalibur.

Right now it's not sure when these rides will open, as only the water receding will dictate that (and as you can see they are definitely inundated), but the parking situation can be at the very least. For the remainder of this week Valley Fair is encouraging people to carpool if possible due to the main lot being limited.

According to Chanhassen Villager; "additional parking is being made available in the open field east of Valleyfair, as well as at the northern side of Canterbury Park, Stinnett said. A free shuttle is available for patrons who park by the racetrack. Valleyfair has also waived their parking fee while the floodwater conditions persist."

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