Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rumor Alert: Freestyle Music Park- Coaster Buyer Found?

Image from Screamscape
Rumor Alert: Freestyle Music Park- Coaster Buyer Found? Perhaps!

Some interesting news from Screamscape and Freestyle Music Park today.

Seems a Mosley Erecting truck was spotted at the park, in the general area of the Led Zeppelin roller coaster. This means perhaps a buyer for one of the parks SBNO (Standing but Not Operating) coasters has been found! All the rides in the park have been 'for sale' for nearly a year now, including the big roller coasters but to this date we've only seen small rides (flat rides) be removed.

We've also had plenty of rumors! Ones ranging from the roller coasters had all been sold to China and other stating that other amusement parks had interest in buying up the coasters.

This newest siting/rumor is slightly different though. Mostly because Mosley does a LOT of big construction with southern roller coasters and amusement parks, they've also done a lot of installation work for parks like Dollywood, Kings Dominion and Carowinds. It could mean one or several of the rides have been sold finally and will be removed.. however, until something happens I'm going to keep this classed as a rumor.

Will pass along anymore information or rumors when such become available!

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