Monday, June 2, 2014

Kings Island- Flight of Fear Malfunction

Image from WCPO
 Kings Island's "Flight of Fear" Malfunctions, Causes Smoky Problem.

 Today around 2:45pm the roller coaster "Flight of Fear" at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio malfunctioned. The indoor roller coaster had fire crews responding to reports of a possible fire and smoke.

 While no fire was found the moter which powers the roller coasters famous launch was found to be smoking, causing a complete evacuation of the ride and 18 people to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Image from WCPO
 During the evacuation and inspection by fire crews, the roller coaster 'Firehawk' was also closed down to allow the crews to move through that area safely.  'Firehawk' reopened around 4pm today.

The cause of the engines malfunction is not yet known, the ride will likely be closed for several days to clean and repair everything, as well as find out why the problem happened to begin with.

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