Thursday, June 5, 2014

Six Flag's Magic Mountain Closing the Iconic Colossus - Making Way for "Iron Colossus"

Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced that this August they will be closing their iconic racing wooden coaster, Colossus, August 16th. The move has definitely caught coaster enthusiasts and fans of the park by surprise. However, that's the not whole story here.

Like many of the chain's other wooden coasters, Colossus won't be going away completely. Rocky Mountain Coasters has been called in to remodel the coaster. RMC is no stranger to Six Flags either, having redone Texas Giant and Rattler in Texas and are known for making some extreme changes to rides in order to push the limits of riders even further. Will the future name be "Iron Colossus"? I'm not sure but it's definitely possible.

We rode Colossus back in March as part of our California theme park trip and have to say that it's definitely in need of work. Only one side was running and despite offering the chance to ride "backwards" for a few weeks, it was in serious need of some love.

Photo via @Park_Journey
Just what RMC will do with a monster racing coaster like Colossus is unknown right now. The only thing that we do know is that once it shuts down in August, it won't be back up for at least 12-16 months while the refitting is going on. I'm extremely curious to see what they make of the whole thing, and while losing an iconic '70s racing coaster such as this, it was horribly maintained and definitely needed an overhaul.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see what develops and hopefully Six Flags will actually maintain this one after it's done!

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