Monday, June 9, 2014

Cedar Point Re-Open after 'Wet' Weekend.

Cedar Point Re-Opens after 'Wet' Weekend.

 It isn't often that I report an amusement park has closed in the middle of the summer season, yet this is exactly what happened to Cedar Point.

 While the park has officially re-opened today (Monday) it was closed over the weekend due to a massive water-main break. However, the blame seems to have been pushed around. Cedar Point hinted that it was the City of Sandusky's fault yet the water-main pipe in question was located under the Cedar Point parking lot. Which is on property owned by Cedar Point.. so wouldn't that be the parks responsibility?  As always, the public will likely only get a small faction of the truth.

 There don't seem to be any answers about the matter of responsibility and ownership but I'd suspect that Cedar Point will likely be spending this coming off-season doing some serious infrastructure upgrades. Generally the rule is when one sections of a  water-main breaks, it's simply a matter of time until more sections begin to fail.  Perhaps other parks will take this sudden weekend closure of Cedar Point to heart and pay attention to their own power/water supplies.

**On the Good Side...**
  Cedar Point is offering a Discount Ticket to make up for the closed weekend issue. Giving you $20 off your ticket until this Sunday and one Free Admission to Soak City until September 1st.
  Just visit- Cedar Point Park Update

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