Monday, June 9, 2014

Rumor Alert- Cedar Point has More Bad News, Dragster has Issues. (UPDATED)

Rumor Alert: Ceder Point has More Bad News, Top Thrill Dragster may have blown it's launch.

 Cedar Point just can't seem to win this month, between the water-main break which shut down the park for a weekend and this newest rumor- it seems bad luck is haunting the park this season.

 While Cedar Point has re-opened today, it looks like Top Thrill Dragster wasn't as lucky. Rumor has it that the launched roller coaster has blown it's hydraulic launch motor.  As this is still being classed as a 'rumor' right now there is no way to know how long the closure may possibly last if true.

 Length of closure could depend on time to fix, spare parts needed and severity of the breakdown.

Updates coming soon, once we can confirm this rumor!

Yes, Dragster did have problems but apparently it was over-blown.
Top Thrill Dragster Re-Opened late Monday to the public, no word on what the problem was.

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