Sunday, June 29, 2014

Schlitterbahn Kansas City Confirms Verrückt Opening Delayed Until Further Notice

Schlitterbahn Kansas City has confirmed that Verrückt will not be opening today as planned. The record breaking water slide has run into complications over the past few days just isn't ready yet. This now marks the 3rd delay for it's opening.

This latest malfunction caused the water park to cancel the media days that had been originally planned for Thursday and Friday. The cited reason, a malfunction with the conveyer system that brings rafts back to the top of the tower.

Whether or not the repair has run into more snags, or an entirely new issue has arisen is unknown at this time. Since the park is, smartly, remaining quiet on when they expect to have Verrückt open to the public, we'll have to wait and see just what the issue was.

One of a kind rides, like Schlitterbahn is known for in all of their parks, always have issues and Verrückt is certainly no exception to this rule. Hopefully they can get things sorted out before too long and guests will be able to take the insane 168'7" plunge first hand.

Until then? This recent POV and the special episode of Extreme Waterparks, airing on The Travel Channel tonight at 8pm EST, will have to suffice, enjoy!

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