Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shlitterbahn's Verrückt Opening to be Delayed Again?

Wanting to ride the world's tallest water slide? Well, it appears that could be on hold for a little bit longer. The folks at Schlitterbahn in Kansas City announced yesterday that they had to cancel the media preview days that were scheduled for today and tomorrow due to a malfunction.

This current delay has to do with an issue regarding the conveyer that brings rafts back to the top of the ride. Nothing safety related, just a breakdown and while it sucks, they do happen.

Originally Verrückt was to be open with the park on May 23rd, but further testing was necessary pushing it back to June 29th. Now, with the recent development even that date may be in jeopardy and is dependent on how fast it can be repaired and tested fully. However, the park's spokeswoman, Winter Prosapio, has stated that “This has put us behind, and we will not skip a single step to make sure this puppy is ready,” she said. “So watch for more information.”

And as of right now, that's all we can do. According to the park, we should have word at some point this afteroon/evening on the status of things. Here's to hoping they can pull it together and get this one open on time! 

h/t to ThrillGeek for uncovering this one via the Kansas City Star

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