Thursday, June 26, 2014

Universal Orlando Already Planning Their Next Resort Hotel?

Looks like Universal Orlando Resort isn't resting on it's laurels after the opening of their newest hotel, Cabana Bay. According to plans unearthed by the folks over at Parkscope, this new property will be going between the new resort and Royal Pacific.

The plans call for 1,000 new rooms, suites and meeting/convention space to go along with it in the new addition. Seems like a lot for just an add on, but weirder things have happened, right?

Now, the question of whether or not this is definitely linked to the Royal Pacific has come into question as well. The biggest clue that it is, is found in the documents labeled as "Royal Pacific First Addition", which is a pretty good sign it is. By the looks of it, it does also seem to follow a similar layout for the buildings and it will have water access for the ferryboats over to City Walk too. Additionally, guests will be able to walk across the new walkway that's being built for the Cabana Bay Beach Resort as well and the existing convention center will also be connected via a skybridge to the current one at Royal Pacific.

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The idea that this could be a "sister hotel" to Royal Pacific has also been put out there too. This is mostly from the fact that it appears the new property doesn't have included Express Pass options. If that is the case, this could definitely be something new or related to the Royal Pacific in some way as well.

It also could fit into a slightly cheaper option for visitors, not entirely sure here. It would make sense as there really aren't any offering something for the more budget concerned.

If that is the case, maybe this could be the long rumored Royal Egyptian Resort that was rumored a while back? I'd be down for something like that to spruce things up, but it could be something entirely different here as well. I'd hate to see them just extend it as a "Royal Pacific Light" as it were, so much wasted potential if that happened. Let's hope they don't go down that road though.

When the construction is to start or the new property is to open is anyone's guess right now. Either way, this looks like it's going to be a little while before we know all the details on this, but this is going to be happening most likely. Is it part of the 10,000 hotel rooms they mentioned earlier? Seems like it.

Stay tuned for more updates as we find out more on this and other new projects at Universal Orlando!

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