Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hershey Park- New Dark Ride for 2015?

Image from All-American Thrills, User ShinyBloo
 Hershey Park Building a Dark Ride for 2015?!

 Something fishy is going on at Hershey Park and it involves blueprints!

 Spotted in the area of the park known as Midway America, where folks pointing at some of the kiddie-land rides and tents. The rumor mill has gone bonks since the images where posted by a user of All-American Thrills.

 Word on the ground right now is that this could be a large building, which may house either a dark ride or possibly some form of an indoor coaster. Which would mean removing and relocating several rides including the parks Music Express and Whip.

 On the parks Facebook page, they are also running a new teaser campaign for this new 2015 attraction. They will be posting up a new clue every Tuesday until August 12th.

 Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and take a guess. From the teaser poster and the knowledge this is going to be a large, indoor attraction.. I'm going to bet we're looking at a shooter style dark-ride. Think about it, Neon Colors. Indoors and Darkride rumors all put together? Seems to scream 'indoor, shooter style dark ride' to me!

 Never fear, we'll keep on top of the rumors and let you know what's coming!

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