Monday, July 14, 2014

Disney World- Monorail Evacuated *UPDATED*

Image from +WDW News Today 
Monorail Evacuated at Disney World.

 Last night around 6pm, Monorail Gold was evacuated while stranded between the 'Transportation and Ticket Center' and 'Epcot Center', Around the area of Fort Wilderness Lodge.

 Early reports stated this was due to a lightning strike, while the official report doesn't mention that, it does state the monorail system lost power multiple times during the evening. Mostly due to heavy thunderstorms which where moving through the area, it also states that other monorails on the system had to be 'restarted multiple times'. Which suggests either the suspected lightning strike or a power system surge, which stopped the transportation system in it's tracks. While others where able to make it back into their respective stations, Monorail Gold had to be evacuated by Reedy Creek Fire Department.

 Guests where safely removed and bused to their respective locations. No word on the status of Monorail Gold or if the Epcot/TTC line will be up and running this morning.

A Disney Spokesperson announced that the monorail lines and fully up and running today for standard operations.

 Info from Orlando Sentinel

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