Monday, July 14, 2014

Holiday World- New Construction Camera ahead of Announcement

Holiday World Adds New 'Construction Camera' just ahead of New Attraction Announcement.

 Well, it looks like Holiday  World is getting ready for their big announcement on what's coming in the 2015 season.

 A new 'Construction Camera' has gone live on the HoliBlog this weekend. This comes just ten days ahead of their big announcement and the end of their '66 Days at Sea' teaser campaign. The new construction is part of the 'Thanksgiving' day area of the park, which is getting the new attraction after the removal of Pilgrim's Plunge.

 For those following the '66 Days at Sea' teaser, we've been going 55 days so far. Facing all manner of unpleasant situations such as storms, darkness and rough seas. Just ten days away from land-fall and the big reveal, which has lead to a ton of speculation that this could be another water ride. Perhaps a water-coaster or some other form of a wet attraction, other rumors seem more far-flung but with the current 'sea travel' theme I'd expect something water related.

 More news when we come across it!

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