Monday, July 14, 2014

Off the Rails Chat- Safety Announcements and You!

Off the Rails Chat- Safety Announcements and You!

In a new series of chats and rants, which I've decided to call "Off the Rails" we're going to discuses topics facing the theme park and amusement park worlds. As well as guests, special events and anything else which requires off-topic conversations and rants.

 Considering over the weekend some idiot decided to NOT follow those handy 'Safety Announcements' which we all hear while riding our favorite attractions and as a result lost the tips of two fingers while on Disney World's 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.

 No really, it's completely true!

 Now, what do you want to bet this one tries to sue for his own stupidity? Let's throw all forms of common sense out the window and stick our hands in the water! While on the drop! Apparently forgetting the boats don't just 'free float' through these rides, there really ARE rails under the water. Plus really, have you smelled pirate water? It's not the best smell (but you learn to love it), why would you really have a need to stuff your fingers into it?

Nope, I don't know either.

Which brings us to the topic of "Safety Announcements and You". 

 Seriously, these things really shouldn't need to exist. Common sense should tell us 'let's not do anything really stupid because, you know, ouch'. Alas, this isn't the case. I've watched plenty of people do some highly stupid shit while on rides and at parks in general, normally followed by a look of 'are you kidding me?".

Nope, they really did just do that.

 Folks, just because your on vacation.. don't forget to think.

 Don't pack your brains in the truck of your rental car to keep them safe, you need them. These parks do the best they can to keep you safe but you need to do your own part in protecting yourself, because it's really not their job to keep you from doing incredibly stupid acts of stupidness. Follow the rules, use your brain. It's really not that difficult and plus it keeps all your body parts attached and makes for a much better environment for the rest of us.

 When someone tells you to "keep off the walls" or "keep your fingers out of the water" they probably have a very, very good reason for it. They aren't 'targeting' you or 'trying to embarrass you'.. their trying to keep you and yours safe.  You may think your kid is perfect safe climbing all over that wall but when they fall, who are you going to blame? Not yourself, blame the park.  Nevermind that sigh which said "keep off the walls" nor the person who told your kid to "please get down from the wall". At least these days that's what seems to happen, when I was growing up your parents would help you up and then you'd get a hardy "now what did you learn" speech. Well, that or you'd get plucked off the wall and a warning swat for not reading the signs on your own.

..but that's neither here nor there.

Listen to those safety announcements, if they say to keep your limbs inside- keep them inside (or in the air). Although I have to woner about the "keep your feet inside" part..because what would posses a person to stuff their foot out of a ride? That rather boggles my mind but somehow I'm sure someone did it along the way.

 By following the basic rules which generally tell you to NOT be an idiot, everyone has a much better time. Who would want that kind of memory on a vacation? How would you like to explain that to your kids or loved ones?

"Sorry baby, the not-so-smart man had to put his hands in the water and the pirates ate his fingers"

Cause that sounds great.

 So really folks, enjoy your trips and vacations. Ride the rides and have a blast.. but don't forget to use your heads, pay attention and keep yourselves (and as a result those around you) safe this summer!

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