Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hershey Park- New Teaser and More Info on 2015 Attraction

Hershey Park- New Teaser Image and More Info on the 2015 Expansion

 Well on Tuesday Hershey Park released another teaser image to go with the new attraction which will be coming to the park in 2015.

 Although I'm still leaning towards from of dark ride (simply based on the bright and neon colors) I have to admit, the theme is rather confusing at this point. The park has also launched a "Clue" webpage where they will post up all the hints for the attraction as their published. They are also giving away a 2015 season pass, which you can register for on the same webpage- Hershey Park 2015 Attraction Clues

  In other news from Hershey Park, a reader to Screamscape reports that they spoke to park management, expression concerns about the possible removal of both 'The Whip' and 'Music Express'. Management responded. They told the guest not to worry, the rides would either be relocated within the park or another site for the new attraction would be found.

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