Thursday, July 24, 2014

Holiday World Announces Thunderbird Coming in 2015!

It's been 66 Days of traveling with the crew and passengers of The Mayflower. Their journey has been a long and arduous one, filled with many curiosities along the way.

Now that journey is over and we finally have our answer to what Holiday World will be adding to their already impressive collection of world class coasters and rides.

Let us be amongst the first to introduce you to, Thunderbird ,the world's first B&M launched wing coaster! 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and have a total of 4 inversions as it hugs the ground and soars through the forest. This is the first launched coaster from B&M, ever and will be open in Spring of 2015.

Here's the official announcement video from the park:

Thunderbird marks the largest investment in the park's 68 year history at $22 million dollars and definitely is going to be a worthy addition to the park. Now for the animated POV to see just what it'll be like to ride Thunderbird!

The coaster will feature a launch, using LSM technology, an Immelmann loop, 125' Loop, Horseshoe, Elevated Spiral, Zero-G roll, S curve, 2 “headchopper” keyholes, a Carousel, a 360 in-line twist (barrel roll) and 2 Crossovers with The Voyage as it screams over 3,000+ft of track. In a nice touch, the pulley building will be named "Will Power" after Will Koch, who passed away a couple of years back. This was his dream to build and now it's a reality.

For those curious, here's what the layout of this ground breaking ride will look like after the break.

And now what it'll look like in the area with the terrain, rides and trees all around it:

Now for a shot of the concept art for the station and launch building, definitely a cool theme and should fit into the park pretty nicely.

One of the more interesting things is that the trains aren't nearly as long as other B&M models and with only 5 rows, that means this one only has a capacity of 20 riders at a time. Shouldn't be a problem though with the ride time clocking in at just over 1minute.

The team here at InSanity lurks Inside hopes to be amongst the first riders in the 2015 season so that we can bring you all the details of this ground breaking first hand! Stay tuned for more updates as we'll be following this one like a hawk throughout the rest of the year and up to opening next spring!

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