Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Few More Hints Before Holiday World's Big Announcement

Okay, so yesterday I said it was the final hint, but apparently a few more interesting tidbits have come out from the HoliBlog, Holiday World's official park blog.

This time there's a bunch of messages from park staff that seem to be hinting whatever they're planning out there and even a little translation fun!

UPDATE: Thunderbird, Launched Flying Coaster Announced, click here for the details!

First up, quotes from the park's upper management that may have a few clues going on and a few odd little tidbits about shows and the like, but probably just to throw things off and be funny. Anyway, here's the full list of quotes:

"Bellyaching and moaning won’t get you any closer to announcement time"
“Still wanting that birds of prey show.”
“My clue was in the title. Try misspelling Bastille.”
“One mammoth of an announcement.”
“I’ll get you a clue as soon as I finish up these 22 million other tasks on my list.”
“I always wanted a younger brother.”
“They usually keep me in the loop for this sort of thing … guess I need to catch up on reading my emails.”
“I’m too busy mocking the birds of prey show to think of a clue.”

The key words to focus on here are definitely; Bellyaching, Birds of Prey, Bastille, Mammoth, Younger Brother and Loop.

Now, as far as the translation goes? Here's what Google Translate spit out:
"I believe that this key should be in German. (I'm sorry. I have not spoken German for a year.) Our designers designed our project in a German speaking country. Unfortunately, there are many good designers in German-speaking countries. One should remember that it is great. Very large. It is also unique. That's all! Have fun with Google Translate! "
The thing that jumps out immediately is the "German speaking country" bit and while most think that's only Germany, there's actually 6 countries that German is the official language for. So, what ride manufactures does this cover? A lot actually. The list includes Mack Rides, Bolliger & Mabillard, Gerstlauer, Maurer Söhne, and Intamin or even Vekoma as well. All of these could be suspect and leaving any off the table right now is hard to do. They all are big names but the biggest of them all are B&M and Intamin.

Either way, just a little under 7 hours until we finally get answers to all the nagging questions!

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