Thursday, July 24, 2014

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Teases 2015 Project with Huge Balloon!

Not to be left out of the insane 2015 building spree that's going on, Six Flags Fiesta Texas has hinted at their next project as well.

Last night they posted a picture on Twitter showing off a huge balloon floating high above the park with 2015 written on the side of it. The interesting thing about it is that they mentioned the height of the balloon, 92.5'. Seems too short for a coaster, though some are only that height, but could be something entirely different as well.

Here's the Tweet that was sent out;

Seems like a peculiarly accurate statement to make, so anything other than height I'd be suspect on. Some are thinking maybe drop angle if it were a coaster, but there's really no telling what this could be right now. We'll just have to wait and see what other clues come out of the park in the coming weeks and months and hope that we get an answer sooner rather than later!

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