Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kings Dominion to Change Water Works Name in 2015?

Well, it looks like one very keen eyed person has caught wind of a change coming to the Water Works waterpark at Kings Dominion in 2014. Seriously, as Screamscape said on Twitter, once you see this, you can't unsee it!

The change that's coming though isn't a new ride or anything like that, but merely a name change from what can been seen.

Just what are we on about? It appears that Water Works will be changing names to Soak City and there's really no two ways about it once you see it. So, here's a look at the original logo as compared to the one that's currently on one of the main splash images of the Kings Dominion website:

It's fairly clear that the "SO" of Soak City is peaking out from the corner of the logo that's currently on display. Additionally, the breaking wave that is part of the Soak City logo at other Cedar Fair parks is also visible rising above the current Water Works one too.

If you need further convincing, here's a look at what the Kings Island Soak City logo looks like and you can get an idea of what exactly is going on here. Definitely a subtle, yet not very much so hint.

It's pretty obvious that a name change is coming. Whether or not this coincides with anything new for the water park is currently unknown. It would be a nice touch rather than just a straight out renaming, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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