Thursday, July 24, 2014

Six Flags Over Texas Begins Teasing 2015 Project

Just last night Six Flags Over Texas began hinting at a new project for 2015, joining the ranks of several other parks that are also building something new.

Now, there's really nothing else other than the image that they released on Twitter. Could a new coaster be in the works? It will have been 4 years since their newest and that was just an overhaul of Texas Giant by RMC in 2011. Their last actual new coaster was Tony Hawk's Big Spin in 2008, now known as Pandemonium.

So, just what are they planning down in Texas? Anything goes so feel free let your imagination run wild and I'm sure that we'll be getting news of what's to come soon enough. For now? Here's all we have to go by...

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