Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One Last Clue Before Holiday World's Big 2015 Project is Unveiled!

We're just 24 hours out from the official announcement out of Holiday World of what their 2015 project will be. The clue for Day 65 is definitely one that has us scratching our heads a little.

While we know that the ride is most likely a new roller coaster and will contain inversions of some kind, what the type is and who's building it exactly is a complete mystery.

UPDATE: Thunderbird, Launched Flying Coaster Announced, click here for the details

However, with latest clue we may be onto just what they've planned. But, before we get to that, here's a run down of the clues that we've been given so far.
  • ‘Upside Down’
  • ‘One.Big.Thing’
  • ‘When you find out, you’re gonna flip’
  • ’truly unique’
  • ‘The first of its kind’.
I think at this point it's safe to say it's probably going to be a steel coaster as the park doesn't have one yet and it's been something Leah Koch has been dreaming of for the park for quite a while now. We also know that the original plans for this were drawn up not long ago by Will Koch, but the technology wasn't exactly up to snuff. What exactly that means is anyone's guess and really unclear of what it could've been. So, now onto the latest clue!

As you can see we're talking about something with wings, soaring and a flying monster. While it's not a dead giveaway by any stretch, it does seem like they could be talking about a B&M Wing Coaster (Gatekeeper, Wild Eagle) or a Flying Coaster (Superman: Ultimate Escape, Manta, Air).

Personally, I don't see it being a wing coaster. For starters, they cost a bit more than the $22million figure that we've been given and I just don't like the things. If it's going to be a B&M, I'd much prefer it to be a ground breaking flying coaster of some kinda. Maybe a Terrain Flyer, that'd be pretty awesome.

So, what could they do that was new and different? Well some sources say that whatever it is could include a launch, or maybe even multiple launches. There has been a long running rumor that someone out there would finally commission B&M for their first launch coaster, maybe this is right time and place? There is all that track that's been spotted at the Clermont Steel Fabricators lot, not all of it has a home, so possible for sure. Either way, it's hard to say and I wish I could be more definitive with all of this, but only 24 hours to go right?

Still, there's the possibility that we could be getting ready for something else entirely and this all only speculation and way off the mark. Fun to do, but can't wait to see what the actual announcement will hold. Keep it here as we follow all the news out of Holiday World!

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