Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Six Flags Magic Mountain- Colossus Goodbye Party

Six Flags Magic Mountain- Colossus Goodbye Party

 Six Flags Magic Mountain and local radio station ALT 98.7 are hosting a 'Goodbye Party' for their famous and now doomed wooden roller coaster, Colossus.

 The wooden coaster made famous by being featured in several movies, most notably as the "Screaming Mimi" in 'National Lampoons Vacation'. The ride was built in 1978 and like many great wooden coasters from Six Flags Parks, has suffered a lack of maintenance in order to be made over by Rocky Mountain Coasters into something easier to maintain (we hope).

  Tickets are $36 per person and the event happens this Saturday, July 26th. The event will feature exclusive night rides from 11pm until 3am. No other details are available if anything else will be open during this time.

 You can purchase tickets though the Six Flags Magic Mountain Website (Click for link).

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